Colorado DOT TREX I-25 & I-225


  • Assure-ITTM Implementation for TREX I-25 Project
  • Client: Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Delivery Method: Design Build
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Project Value: $1.67 Billion

Client's Challenge

The public private partnership enables the stakeholders to complete the project earlier. The design-build delivery method is utilized in order to accelerate the construction schedule. The historical needs are complicated by the compressed schedule. The project challenges are summarized below :

  • The construction teams use of traditional blue prints and manual processes are cumbersome and result in uncertainty that the latest drawing version is being used.
  • Manual quality processes are labor intensive and often require construction materials testing to be repeated multiple times due to errors, omissions and/or lost data.
  • Manual quality processes prevent the construction team from receiving laboratory data in a timely matter. This delays them from planning construction schedules, enables further use of non-compliant material and delays modifcations to construction practices.
  • Manual inspection processes make it difficult to record the various approvals required during specific inspection points.
  • Compliance reporting requrements are exhaustive for alternative delivery projects.

ATSER's Solution

ATSER's Assure-IT™ is a web-based Quality Management Software Solution that enables governanace and standardization througout the project quality reporting environment. It provides best practices for:

  • Construction Blueprint Viewing
  • Inspection Management
  • Testing Management
  • Document Control and Reporting System


ATSER successfully completed verification of more than $1.6 billion in construction spanning a total of 54 months. This project illustrated ATSER’s systems ability to compile data into a centralized database repository connecting field devices and laboratory equipment. The solution included the ability to view the data in real-time via a web interface. The T-REX project was, at the time, the largest multi-modal transportation design-build project in U.S. history.