What A CM Knows

Sometimes, Less Is More

Every PM can attest that poor communication is at the root of most problems on a construction project. As a PM, it is important to understand the perfect balance between critical information that all involved parties need to receive, and ‘nice to haves’ that can become overwhelming to some. PMs who strike the right balance between the two will reap the benefits of a project team that is always working with the most up-to-date information without the frustrations of information overload

Bottlenecks Determine Productivity

Quite often, significant project decisions are held up by minor bottlenecks that could be removed with minimal effort. Paperwork and its management often eat up valuable time, and in a deadline driven role, bottlenecks are the enemy. Construction PMs should understand the key role that software tools can play in removing bottlenecks. Intelligent email solutions also known as Input/output (I/O) smooth over approval bottlenecks by enabling collaborators to use their email client to approve or reject project objects created by other users. This has the twofold and self reinforcing impact of speeding up construction projects and reducing overhead costs.

History Repeats Itself

Construction project teams usually include individuals from a range of different project stakeholders – architects, subcontractors, owners – who each have their own interests. Because the construction project manager plays a key role in the selection and management of a cohesive, high performing project team, it is very important that construction project managers understand that past performance is a determinant of the project risk metric. Ideally, tools that help create an “organizational memory” lower risk this way. By tracking vendor approvals, licenses, safety statistics, insurance information and ratings of past work, software can fulfill that role and after working with a number of different project partners, the records of star performers who consistently meet your high standards of quality and reliability start to speak for themselves.