Construction and Technology: How Mobile Devices Are Revolutionizing The Industry

Whether you are in the office or out in the field, mobile devices are becoming a part of the everyday life-cycle of the construction world.

A once slowed down industry, is becoming one of the most innovated in the Unites States. The construction industry is constantly changing and continues to adapt to new waves of technology. The ability to have real-time information in the palm of your hand has become a technological advancement that is shaping the construction industry.

Tablets and smarts phones have given those in the field access to files and the ability to edit and insert notations to documents at the same moment they are uploaded. Construction software continues to become a front runner in technology. Digital software has enabled those in the field to access project information at the touch of an app. What was once a blueprint being carried out to the project site is now an easily accessible mobile document that can be edited and drawn on in real-time as the project is in progress.

Field personnel are now able to provide immediate updates and able to send and receive immediate feedback. Project Managers are also able to track and monitor multiple projects from a centralized dashboard. Members of a project team are able to collaborate,connect and communicate with every member on the project. Contractors and engineers are able to send correspondence or even make changes to a document without leaving the project site which in the end saves both time and money. All actions which can be completed using a mobile device.

Technology has significantly raised the Construction Management bar. Many systems are now able to incorporate various tabs where users are assigned specific roles on the project. Any activity that is completed on the field is then documented via mobile device, all of which is tracked and saved in a cloud based system right at the touch of their screen. Construction and technology go hand in hand, both are continuously growing and evolving.

As projects get bigger, increasingly expensive and more complex, this mobile technology could not come at a more fitting time.