Time to Invest - in Project Management Systems

In the capital construction process, the challenge of implementing software systems typically falls on contractors and not on the project owner. As best practices evolve towards a more integrated approach, owners are being called on to take a more active leadership role throughout the entire project life cycle. Simlarly, technology is becoming an increasingly important tool for project owners who need to collaborate and make intelligent business decisions, driven by real-time project data. Project management software tools in particular, are playing a key role in today’s owner led collaboration paradigm.

See The Big Picture

For an owner, project management extends beyond individual projects to the project portfolio level. Project and portfolio management tools are designed to give owners greater insight into the capital project black box, allowing them to examine budgets, spend and variance across multiple projects.

Owner-Led Collaboration

During the construction phase, overall project quality is improved when project owners can approve or reject change orders entered into the system in real-time. Using a project management system that is integrated across project constituents, collaboration functionality allows project owners to highlight key areas of focus during the project definition phase and then create matching workflows and proactive alerts based on actionable items for each focus area. In this way, project management software tools let owners play a larger role in keeping the project moving forward according to schedule.

Raise the Bar

In some industries such as healthcare, facility owners face regulatory requirements that require strict adherence to prescribed standards. Increasing numbers of project owners are also actively seeking LEED certification for buildings and facilities. In both scenarios, a meticulous approach to planning, design, approvals and documentation is necessary. Web based project management systems and workflows that enable an owner to track items and approvals required for certification can be the key to success.

In the end, a project management system that is integrated across all project constituents allows owners to play a more proactive and more beneficial role throughout the project life cycle because it accelerates and improves the quality of the approval process, something that all parties involved benefit from in the end.

by CMiC on 2012/09/04 9:57 AM