ATSER™ Unveils Its Newly Redesigned Website

ATSER™ Unveils Its Newly Redesigned Website

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August 6, 2020


Houston, TX Today ATSER™, the construction management software and services industry leader, is pleased to announce the unveiling of their newly redesigned website, The updates to the previous site include a more modern look, a greater social media presence, and easier-to-use menus. In addition, the new website contains more information on ATSER’s vast array of services and offerings, the industries they serve, more news updates, and more information on ATSER’s current and past projects.

“The goal of the new website is not only to help current and prospective ATSER™ partners and clients understand who we are and what we do, but to also drive more traffic to the site,” said ATSER™ Digital Marketing Director Rebecca Trahan. When discussing her strategy behind the new design, ATSER™ Web Designer and Marketing Associate Nicole Breed said, “We hope to place ATSER™ in front of the right audience, and drive more awareness and business to the brand. In addition, our new website is prettier, easier to navigate, and better showcases our company history and accomplishments.

She added, “With our new design, we have made it easier to schedule a demo, sign up for our newsletter updates, connect with us on social media, and stay updated with our recent blogs. Moreover, we are really proud of our history and our successful track record. Through our website redesign, we now show no project or job is too large or too small. We can work with a small-scale commercial job or a large billion-dollar department of transportation project.
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