ATSER Continues To Grow Despite Pandemic

ATSER Continues To Grow Despite Pandemic

POSTED on September 13, 2020


Written and edited by Rebecca Trahan


For many across the world, 2020 has been a remarkable year. While some businesses are closing their doors, ATSER™ remains open and continues to grow. One reason ATSER™ continues to maintain existing business relationships as well as develop new ones is due to the tireless work ethic of ATSER™ CEO Dr. David Frederick Martinez. To Dr. Martinez, no matter what is going on around him, every business proposal and every business opportunity must be perfect. In his eyes, his current and prospective customers deserve nothing less than the best. Another reason for ATSER’s continued success, even during a worldwide pandemic, is due to Dr. Martinez’s years of experience and expertise.


Not only is Dr. Martinez considered to be an expert in his field, but he also has a team of employees and professional engineers who work for him and share his commitment to high quality service and perfection. Among his dedicated team are his sales staff who, since the beginning of the year have signed on numerous new clients including the New York State Department of Transportation (Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Project), the Georgia Department of Transportation (statewide project), Blackburn Consulting, Vibranalysis/VTI, and more. In addition to adding new customers, ATSER™ continues to grow their organization internally. Amidst a vast change in industry unemployment, ATSER is proud to see continued growth within our company. We are committed to staying strong during this epidemic by utilizing strong safety protocols to protect our team. We are so thankful to be adding members to our team and look forward to continuing to serve our clients.


Rebecca Trahan is a new digital marketing director at ATSER™ Systems. Prior to joining ATSER™ she spent over 20 years working and writing for various businesses in the entertainment industry (Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA) and in various political offices (nationwide).   

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