METRONEXT Awards Five Year Contract On $7.5 Billion Project To ATSER™ Systems, Inc.

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August 28, 2020

METRONext Awards Five Year Contract on $7.5 Billion Project To ATSER™ Systems, Inc.


Houston, TX Yesterday Houston’s METRO Authority Board of Directors awarded ATSER Systems, Inc. a five-year contract to provide software and implementation services for their hosted Project Management Information Systems (PMIS). “Being chosen for this project means a lot to ATSER™. It allows us to deploy our industry-leading PMIS on METRO’s $7.5 billion transit program,” said ATSER™ CEO Dr. David Frederick Martinez. ATSER™ was previously chosen to perform Quality Assurance services on METRO’s Quality Program for its $5 billion rail and transit expansions identified as METRO Solutions, Phase II.


“During their approval process, METRO initiated very grueling selection procedures which were exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. They could not host in-person interviews and meetings, and had to do everything online,” Dr. Martinez said. He added, “In the end, METRO chose us because we had the most robust program management system to administrate and manage their planning, design, and construction activities.”


With Houston’s population expected to almost double in size over the next twenty years, Houston’s METRONext Moving Forward Plan is the way of the future. Arising from Houston area community members’ and leaders’ input and suggestions, this plan is designed to ease traffic congestion and provide for more accessibility and usability for the disabled and seniors. According to the Houston METRO Authority, it also proposes expansions across several types of transportation, along with investments in service and accessibility. They also say the goal is to give people more ways to move around the region with no tax increase.


For more information on ATSER™, their construction management system, and the services they provide please contact or call 281-999-9961.



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