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Program Management
Planning Management
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Construction Management
Construction Drawing Management
Laboratory Information Materials Management

Universal Compatibility

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At ATSER, we strive to provide our clients with real, measurable value through the application of experienced staff and advanced state-of-the-art engineering software technology solutions. We have assembled a team of proven professionals that demonstrate their ability to achieve the project goals of complex engineering software initiatives.

Construction Management

When Construction Management roles vary from project oversight to “at-risk” or contract holder, Manage-IT™ is widely used for every segment of your construction detail and collaboration. Its tools provide transparency for owners and owners’ rep alike, providing clear communication and a successful commissioning.

Field Management

Built with Field Supervision in mind, Manage-IT™ streamlines on-site details by lending expert processes that quicken each task, while recording comprehensive details from planning through closeout. Using world-class QC tools. Manage-IT™ assists in claims, resolves slow pays, and advances contract compliance.

Quality Management

With years of geo-technical and structural services at its core, Assure-IT™’s testing acuity and vast inspector libraries expresses our commitment to QC excellence. Our ITP processes are recognized nationwide, serving multiple inspectors simultaneously for time-saving collaboration, on-line and off-line.

Building on “True” Real-Time Information

Manage-IT™ “Program Management System” is a state of the art web-based software solution that provides an integrated document management system for all phases of the Program including Planning, Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance.


All of ATSER’s solutions are able to be integrated with one another.

Signature Projects

ATSER’s online product has been selected to provide all necessary Program Management, Project Controls, Document Management, Drawing Management, Construction Progress, Cost Control, Scheduling, Quality Control and Reporting combined in one fully integrated solution. ATSER also supplied Manage-IT™ “Program Management System” an onsite system, IT support, and training.

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